Medication Monitoring As A Tool For Quality Medical Care

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Medication Monitoring As A Tool For Quality Medical Care

Prescription drug abuse is a very real problem in America. Every day, thousands of people, including youth, abuse prescription drugs for the first time, while millions more take prescription drugs for non-medical reasons on an ongoing basis.

If you are a physician prescribing narcotics, you can do your part to help control this epidemic, and National Laboratories can help.

A Nationwide Problem

It’s no secret that prescription drug abuse is on the rise. In 2015, of the 20.5 million Americans 12 years and older who had substance abuse disorders, two million were addicted to prescription pain killers. Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in America and 20,101 of the 52,404 deaths due to drug overdoses in 2015 were due to opioid addiction. The problem is only getting worse as those seeking treatment for prescription drug abuse increased by 600% between 1999 and 2009. Some researchers predict an annual death rate from drug overdose of 1.9 per 100,000 people by the year 2035.

The most common forms of abused prescription drugs are stimulants, such as Adderall and Ritalin, that are used to treat conditions such as ADD and ADHD. Opioids like Oxycontin and Vicodin are popular as well. Central nervous system depressants used for anxiety and sleep disorders, like Valium and Ambien, are often abused. Addiction to these pills is evidence that they are not being taken as prescribed, and a lot are being diverted for street use. Many who become addicted and can no longer afford the drugs turn to heroin as a more accessible alternative.

If you are a physician who prescribes narcotics, we recommend regular drug testing to ensure that your patients aren’t misusing their prescriptions. Medication monitoring is a valuable tool to physicians in ensuring patients do not become addicted to their prescription. It will also help you determine whether they are taking any prescription medications you don’t know about and allow you to refer them to treatment if that becomes necessary.

How National Labs Helps Physicians With Medication Monitoring

National Laboratories specializes in medication monitoring for treatment centers and health care providers. Our ongoing experience ensures that they can not only detect the presence of use, but can offer insight as to types of drugs being abused.

Dealing with addiction is never easy. If you find a patient is abusing prescription drugs, it is a good idea to continue your medication monitoring strategy them while you offer counseling services. You may want to discontinue their prescription to the abused medications or any other potentially addictive medications. Medication monitoring is among one of the most effective methods of maintaining the integrity of medical care.

Addiction to prescription drugs is a worldwide epidemic.But you, as a physician, can help stem the rising tide. Drug testing is an effective way to start getting a handle on this issue and to stop the increasing trend of prescription drug addiction. We encourage physicians to reach out to National Laboratories to find out more about drug testing and how they can do their part in the fight against prescription drug addiction.

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