We Offer Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

It's no secret that prescription drug abuse is on the rise in the United States. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, around 52 million people have taken prescription drugs for non-medical reasons. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are the most commonly abused substances in America aside from alcohol and marijuana.

Drug use represents a significant risk to both patients and physicians, especially since few people choose to disclose their recreational use of prescription medications to their doctor.

Pain Management Drug Test - Patient Adherence

If you prescribe any of these substances in your practice, regular drug testing can be a quick and cost-effective medication management solution. Not only will it help to ensure that your patient isn't taking any prescription medications that you don't know about, it will also ensure they are taking their prescriptions as directed. This can help reduce risk factors both to you and your patients, and will allow you to recommend a drug treatment program if it becomes necessary.

Drug testing and toxicology screens from National Laboratories can reduce risk factors for your patients and your practice.

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Some of the most commonly prescribed prescription drugs are also some of the most frequently abused, including:

  • Stimulants - prescribed for ADHD and narcolepsy
  • Opioids - prescribed for pain
  • Central Nervous System Depressants - prescribed for anxiety and sleep disorders

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