Regular drug testing is an important tool for treating addiction. In fact, ASAM believes "drug testing can promote prevention, early detection, and lifelong recovery from addiction in the interests of individual and public health."

Regular blood pressure checks help those with hypertension. Drug testing can help those in addiction treatment in very similar ways.

At National Laboratories, we understand the role that regular drug testing plays in addiction treatment. We are the toxicology lab for drug and alcohol treatment programs across the country. We provide urine drug testing for admission, checkups during treatment, and discharge. We can also provide medication monitoring solutions.

We Are More than Just a Drug Testing Lab

When you work so closely with the addiction community, you develop an understanding of addiction. There are several drug testing companies you can use but, most do not specialize in addiction treatment and medication monitoring like we do. We do not do DOT or pre-employment screens. We only work with treatment providers like you.

We see more positive results in a day than many other drug screening labs will see in a month or even a year. We also see more adulteration attempts than most other labs. That's one of the reasons our adulteration testing is so thorough.

A High-Volume Toxicology Lab

We are a high-volume drug testing lab. Why does that matter? Because we have refined our testing procedures to deliver you faster results. Our technology is top of the line. Our batch processing ensures quality baselines.

Our processes are so refined, we can offer you initial results in as little as 24 hours.

For more information on our testing procedures, see how we do urine drug testing and mass spectrometry.

Urine Testing for Client Management during Rehab: 877-304-5183