Medication monitoring helps to ensure that patients undergoing medically-assisted detox or rehabilitation are not abusing their medication. It is also used to monitor patients who have been prescribed opioids for pain management, or other potential-addictive medications for a variety of reasons.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and More

We are committed to improving your laboratory experience and ability to monitor patient meds. Our customizable services and meticulous test results help enhance the quality of care for your patients.

Our lab services are easy to obtain, without confusing forms, using a quick and simple requisition process. National Labs’ support team and trained experts are always a phone call away and happy to assist.

Why Monitor Patient Adherence?

Medication monitoring is an important part of a treatment program for a variety of situations. It can help ensure that patients are taking their medication when they're supposed to. It can also help prevent abuse of potentially addicting medications.

In fact, a prescription drug monitoring program is more important than ever. With prescription drug abuse on the rise, it's incredibly important that physicians ensure their patients are taking their medications as prescribed. Medication monitoring:

• Allows doctors and health care providers to make informed decisions on their patients' pharmacotherapy

• Increases patient safety by reducing the risk of serious drug interactions

• Helps healthcare providers monitor patient use of opioids in pain management or substance use disorder treatment

• Helps healthcare providers test and diagnose substance use disorders

• Helps hold accountable patients who are leaving treatment

• Lets healthcare providers know when a relapse has occurred

Medication monitoring is quick and cost-effective. You can choose what opioids or medications you test for with custom panels. At National Labs, we offer fast turn-around times that will help you handle medication compliance quickly and easily.