Mass Spectrometry Analysis Team

With careful recruiting, we have cultivated one of the best mass spectrometry analysis teams in the business. We've gone to great lengths to find analysts who are both passionate and experienced. Each and every Clinical Laboratory Technologist on our team understands our mission and is focused on providing fast accurate service.

An Exceptional Substance Abuse Testing Lab

A large part of being an exceptional substance abuse testing lab is doing mass spectrometry well. Much education, training, attention to detail, and number crunching is required. To do well, you must cultivate the inner scientist, the inner 'nerd' if you will. That is what we at National Laboratories provide, day in and day out. Not just test results, but the love of innovative and accurate data.

Mass Spectrometry Team
Harold Alvarez, MD
Laboratory Director

Dr. Alvarez is certified by the American Board of Pathology in the areas of Anatomical and Clinical Pathology, as well as Hematopathology and Transfusion Medicine.

He received his Pathology degree in 2005 and has been working in Florida since 2008 as Pathologist, Medical Director and Laboratory Director in hospital and reference laboratory settings. He has served as associate Pathologist, Medical Director and Laboratory Director for high complexity labs including Surgical Pathology, Hematology, Toxicology, Molecular Diagnostics, Immunohematology, Flow Cytometry, Immunology and Chemistry.

Dr. Alvarez is a lab inspector for the College of American Pathologists and the American Association of Blood Banks. He is also on the medical school faculty at Nova Southeastern University and Florida Atlantic University where he lectures on Clinical Pathology and Transfusion Medicine.
Maryann Chandler
Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Maryann Chandler is the Technical Supervisor for drug confirmations on the Mass Spectrometer. She has over 40 years’ experience as medical technologist in hospital, reference lab, manufacturing, and doctors’ office focusing on pain management. Maryann’s responsibilities include maintaining the quality of testing and reporting results. She has a BS from Purdue University and Masters’ degree in Management from Central Michigan University.
Sonia Dubay
Office Manager
Amelia Turner
Office Assistant

Richard Costello
Diagnostic Sales Specialist

Richard Costello graduated from The University of South Carolina Aiken in 2012 and received a Bachelor degree in Sociology with an emphasis in drugs of abuse and addictive behaviors. Richard managed a call center for a substance abuse placement service for 4 years prior to joining the National Laboratories team in October of 2016.

Carol Bintner
Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Carol Bintner came to National Labs in 2014 from Lansdale, PA, where she worked at Quest Diagnostics for 29 years, working her way up to Microbiology Supervisor. She came to Florida to be closer to family. Carol graduated from Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA.

Natalie Evans
Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Natalie Evans is a Medical Laboratory Technologist licensed in Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology, Serology, Molecular Pathology, Hematology, and Immunology. She started her Technologist career later in life and is Board Certified with AAB and ASCP. She completed her clinical rotation as a Generalist with several regional hospitals in South Florida with a focus in Toxicology. She has been instrumental in opening several Toxicology laboratories in the rehabilitation industry. Passionate about medical and humanitarian issues, she is also on an International Disaster Relief Medical Team with an international relief group.  She believes in excellence and is excited to be a part of National Laboratories!

Bertha Valdes
Clinical Laboratory Technologist
Immunoassay Team

Bertha Valdes is a qualified Medical Laboratory Scientist with experience in all specialty areas of the laboratory in the public and private sector. Presently working at National Laboratories, she provides information needed to diagnose or monitor treatment of substance abuse clients. Our technology is the best science can offer. Bertha has a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technologist from Florida Atlantic University and currently resides in Jupiter, Florida.

Lissette Richard
Clinical Laboratory Technologist
Immunoassay Team

Lissette Richard is a Medical Laboratory Scientist with extensive experience and management skill. She has been working in laboratory environments for 15 years as a Technologist in Chemistry and Toxicology, Immunohematology, Hematology, Microbiology, Serology and Molecular Pathology. As a supervisor for seven years, she was responsible for the Laboratory Quality Assurance and Testing personnel. Lissette Richard has a B.Sc. in Sciences with a major on Medical Microbiology from University Interamericana of Puerto Rico, Medical technology Certification from University Interamericana of Puerto Rico, and LMU Certification Laboratory Management.

Francisco Elvir
Lab Assistant/Courier