Knowing which drugs a patient is using can be essential for the design of their detox treatment program. We understand that verbal reports from detox clients rarely align perfectly with their urine drug test results. As your drug testing lab, National Laboratories can provide custom drug testing panels that make sense of these complex issues.

Just as blood sugar testing is extremely important for those beginning treatment for diabetes, urine screening is similarly important for drug and alcohol detox patients.

At National Laboratories, we understand the important role that urine screening plays in drug and alcohol detoxification. Operating as a toxicology lab for detox centers across the country, we provide urine drug testing for every phase of treatment - from admission to discharge, and beyond. We provide medication monitoring as well.

More Than Just Another Drug Screening Lab

Through our years of experience working with the addiction treatment community, we have developed an understanding of addiction. We see more adulteration attempts and positive results than your average lab. This is why we carefully check each result we send for adulteration and offer a detailed analysis of positive results.

High-Volume Testing = Faster Results

What does high-volume testing mean for you? It means that we have refined our testing procedures to deliver you results faster. With our efficient & accurate modern testing equipment, we ensure quality baselines through batch processing.

Our initial results can be delivered in as little as 24 hours - that's how refined we have made our processes.

For more information on our testing procedures, please see how we combine urine drug testing with mass spectrometry.

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