At National Laboratories, we have specialized in providing fast, accurate urine drug test results. There are a number of reasons why urine drug screening is the method addiction treatment programs, doctors and emergency rooms all across the country prefer. In fact, urine drug testing is the only method that is approved for federally-mandated testing today.

Urine Testing is Cost-Effective

Unlike toxicology testing using samples of blood or hair, urine testing is a fairly simple process. Unlike blood or tissue samples, urine samples do not contain any cellular material that can break down and contaminate the sample if handled improperly. Urine samples can be stored easily in a refrigerator or freezer. Samples can also be transported to the lab easily. These traits combine to make urine testing a far more cost-effective solution for most clients, including addiction treatment programs and doctors' offices.

Urine Testing Detects a Wide Range of Substances

Urine samples can be tested for a wide range of substances of abuse that may be overlooked in a tissue or blood sample test. Not only does National Laboratories test for a range of illegal drugs such as barbiturates, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, and opiates, we also test for prescription medication use. We even test for synthetic cannabinoids and stimulants. This makes urine testing an ideal choice for addiction recovery centers and medication management programs.

Wide Window of Detection

Urine specimens have a longer detection window than other drug testing methods. In fact, many substances of abuse can be detected in a urine sample up to three full days after use. This is because urine testing allows for detection of drug metabolites.

Specimen Validity Testing

At National Laboratories, we test our samples for validity in a number of ways. We use specific gravity, pH, creatinine, and oxidant screening to verify that every result we send out is an accurate one. While urine testing is the most common and preferred method of testing, it is also the most likely to be adulterated. We thoroughly understand adulterants because we work so closely with addiction treatment centers.

Faster Results

Unlike other testing methods, which can take up to 96 hours for a positive result, urine testing allows for your initial results to be delivered the next day, with confirmation in 72 hours. No other accurate testing method can deliver results so quickly.
urine drug testing