01 Rapid

Our turnaround time is better than industry standards.  Urine drug screen results can be obtained within 24 hours.  And a follow up confirmation from the Mass Spec will be available in less than 36 hours.

Fast Response

02 Rigorous

We believe accuracy and attention to detail are imperative in the laboratory. We are fully CLIA and COLA certified and use UPLC/MS/MS, the highest analytical standard in the industry.

Mass Spec

03 Reliable

You can count on us to deliver on time. We are a high volume production facility and can handle both special on-demand panels and bulk orders. Customized pickup and result delivery options are available.

Pickup Options

04 Results

Customizable drug panels can be tailored to your particular needs allowing you to make more informed decisions and to act more decisively.

Test Results

Discuss Our Drug Testing Services and Medication Monitoring Solutions:

Technologies We Use

Mass Spectrometry

Our use of powerful Advanced Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) ensures precise results. We employ several top-of-the-line Shimadzu Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers.

au 640 screening analyzer
Clinical Chemistry Analysis

We use Olympus AU 640 units as primary analyzers for rapid response. They are front-line analyzers designed for demanding hospital environments and they allow us to meet our six hour response time.

Our Advantages

National Labs specializes in detecting substances of abuse for addiction treatment and healthcare providers.

Because illicit drug users have a strong incentive to substitute or dilute urine it is important to be able to detect such abnormalities.  We incorporate adulterant and validity testing into our process, which detects common evasion techniques to insure the highest quality results.

national labs logo watermarkOur knowledge and experience coupled with state-of-the-art technology, let us provide extremely fast, accurate, reliable, and low-cost service to you.

Increased Accuracy
We use top of the line equipment, scientifically validated methods, and seasoned lab professionals. That's our formula for accuracy.

Improved Turnaround Time
Extremely fast immunoassay results - ship the sample to us overnight and have your result the next day. With a mass spec confirmation within 36 hours.

Lower Cost
We process hundreds of samples every day. Our efficient processes and high throughput  equipment mean savings for you.

Custom Solutions
Custom panels. Custom workflows. More. Tell us how we can help you manage your business.


Fully Certified

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